What I've been up to !!

     I have been busy altering and doing a few custom pieces and squeezing in some crafting time here and there .... 

    So I figured I'd show a few of the things that are my favorites!

Paper beads-
 I made the beads using old magazine adds 
that were black, white and grey 
I learned to make them back in grade school from my mom. We made some for art... and I still have and wear that one too!!!

 No more hot hands-
           Good use for all my little scraps I cannot bear to trash!
I backed with jean fabric and then layered on top of that any collage of material and top-stitched my heart out.  Button hole and button and done !  I have seen so many ways to close them - loops, sew through, elastic, and on and on :)

Hair Clips
      I had been given a box of sewing "scraps " a few years back from Mrs. Jameson that had little stuffed hearts like this on a string.  I think they were made to hang in a window or a Christmas tree, like little mini pillows. Being that it is not my personal taste to hang stuffed hearts in my windows, I started thinking .... 

This necklace is what I did with those first ones!

 I like it so much I started making more out of my vintage scraps,
and made hair clips like these ones!

Made a few infinity scarves and tie backs -
I love the "tie back" idea, keeps me from feeling strangled
by my scarf  

 "Tie backs"
I used old sweater belts that otherwise were not being used
and vintage buttons.

 Red leather
Again, inspiration coming from how not to throw anything away. More from Mrs. J, Not sure what she had done with the bigger pieces but lots of little ones were in a shoe box ready for an idea. 

 Green Leather Cuff
My dad got me this leather, knowing I could come up with something   :)

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