Scottish Ball Gowns


 Dress  #1-
     I am basing the top of the dress on this 
pattern.Butteric 4669, I have made this one before and like it. The first moc-up needed
to be about 5 " longer and the top 4" higher 
to achieve the look we wanted.
     Dress bottom is based on this pattern - McCalls 6027-but reworking it to have a longer back and extra swirl.
 This is the fabric -

This is the moc up with the changes in the pattern -it fit great.



Dress #2
Dress two is based on this pattern, but in the past I have made this pattern's corset and it fits horrid and needs complete revamping to get it 
to fit like the picture. I will
 just use the under-dress but 
with no ruffle and the over-skirt.  

For the corset I'll use the same pattern base as dress #2

 This is the fabric for dress #2


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