Not your T-shirt any more!

 I Love that I am getting use out of my "new" dress form

These are some of the latest pics I took of the scarves make from old t-shirts- Cut, braided, slashed, pulled, wrapped and washed. I try to use every inch so there is almost nothing to throw away. Oddly enough by having a "zero waste" goal it helps me to be creative and look out side the box. 

More Pictures 

The teal and grey scarf is made of three different shirts, and it has various widths of braids.

The red and white one also is from three different shirts .

 This one is made from three as well, and all but the green has been hand dyed using a 
combination of walnut, onion skins, and coffee 



Three again, using the
"leftovers" from some 
of the ones before. 
This one ties in the 
back making it  
longer or shorter 
depends on how
you tie it. 
The pink and grey 
one also has hand 
dyed pieces in it.  
So does the orange one.
That is how it is so multi   
shaded ... So fun to make.


  1. These are awesome Sarah! It was nice to meet you today! t.xoxo