Old Papers and New Things

        I Made this head with some vintage apron embroidery patterns I thrift-ed.  
I used  a 50/50 mix of a boiled flour and water paste and white school glue. 
 I used the boiled version of the traditional paper mache.
I read that it dried clear, and although the UN-boiled version 
 is stronger it may leave a haze. 
 I mixed the paste with glue to give it added strength. 
 After I was done I used a water based lacquer to give it shine and  make it water proof. 
 My inspiration came from - The Polka Dot Closet

 She still has no name ... lol I have most my forms named !

I did this form the same way I did the head, with 50/50 glue paste using sheet music.This blog was my inspiration, although I did not age the paper with and dye ... maybe the next one...


This form is covered 
with paper that came 
from vintage crochet
and knitting patterns.  
I love this one too

Suitcase Re- purposing 

        Vintage green hard suit case I turned into a display case. I saw the idea on Pinterest and loved the idea of having a portable craft show I could literally walk on with. I can keep it in my trunk for those times when I wish I had known about a show. One more thing I pinned that got done.  This is the original post- If you look close you will see that I made her lace earrings as well. Definitely a good blog to read, so many good ideas. I think I will try some more soon!

Cloths rack full of vintage finds for sale at my last show !


  1. I love your forms covered in sheet music and paper, It is a tedious process though isn't it, but well worth it and the suitcase is a great idea!! thank you so much for the shout out! I was looking at your wedding garters...cute, I have to make one soon for the future DIL,,,wish me luck!


  2. Thanks Carol :) I'm sure it will be beautiful

  3. Carol is such an inspiration, isn't she? She has lots of wonderful ideas on her blog! t.xoxo