Jersey City


      New jersey scarves tie on

         to make them easier

          to get on and off

            Dyed by hand

to achieve the variety of shades

Dress up time !!

Well it is getting that time to decide what to be this year ...This is my 2nd favorite time of year (1st is Christmas !!! only 15 weeks away !!!!!!)  Any occasion that I can get away with it I dress up...  

 Here are some of my favorites !

So this year is still up in the air but I have some ideas. I made this doll wig a few years back ...
And then I saw this on Pinterest it is by Natelie M.... And I think I have an idea ....
But that only covers my head .... What shall I wear ????

What I'v been up to -


I have been quite busy !

Let me show you.

I Re-did the suite case and made the mesh a smaller weave - 

I thought it might help the earrings stay on better when I close it. 

 So far so good!

     Vintage inspired swim -  

         Used to be a tank top. I cut straps to make them halter style and added elastic to them. 

         Darted the top and used bias tape to finish off. I also added under-wires inside.  

         The skirt  is darted as well and a draw string elastic waist is on it.

         This one has been in my to do pile for over a year - 

Finally got it done - Yay

I Got this chandelier at a thrift store a while back,
 but I don't have a ceiling "wire." 
 Well I went to lows and they sell a adapter that makes it be able to plugin! 


Added a shelf above the bathroom door - Thank you pinterest and Martha Stewert

One of the many reasons I come up with to be outside working  - Distress, cut off, fray and dip dyd/bleach- Taking them to craft shows soon, maybe even get around to listing them on my Etsy shop  !

Now the floor has more space!

Lunch Bags

    I've been making these little lunch bags.  People really like them.  You can wash them and reuse them! I use reclaimed fabric for them so they are all a little different -Find them here
I add handles on some of them too



         This one is made of an
              old canvas sign-

 Vintage buttons too.
   Light weight denim -

Map's of Michigan

           I was over at my Grandparent's house on Sunday. Out on their front porch was this cute little rolling cart.  It had belonged to my great grandma who had passed away.  

      I commented that it was neat ... and next thing you know I was opening the car door so my Grandpa could load it in ! 

      The top had a large water stain on it but Grandpa thought I could figure something out .... so I did ... with the help of  "pinterest" !!

(I forgot to take a before picture.)

 I had this old atlas
down in the basement.

    Michigan was the page I chose - 
Because I live there 

    I put the leftover map pieces
onto the drawer.

(there were some scribble marks on one)

    I got the idea from the Primitive and Proper blog


    I still need to put more lacquer on it. I was just too excited, and wanted to take pictures now :)


    I think I may change the main color to a distressed white, but that will be for another day ....