Map's of Michigan

           I was over at my Grandparent's house on Sunday. Out on their front porch was this cute little rolling cart.  It had belonged to my great grandma who had passed away.  

      I commented that it was neat ... and next thing you know I was opening the car door so my Grandpa could load it in ! 

      The top had a large water stain on it but Grandpa thought I could figure something out .... so I did ... with the help of  "pinterest" !!

(I forgot to take a before picture.)

 I had this old atlas
down in the basement.

    Michigan was the page I chose - 
Because I live there 

    I put the leftover map pieces
onto the drawer.

(there were some scribble marks on one)

    I got the idea from the Primitive and Proper blog


    I still need to put more lacquer on it. I was just too excited, and wanted to take pictures now :)


    I think I may change the main color to a distressed white, but that will be for another day ....

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